5 Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Playlists (In 2020)

Aditya Sharma
4 min readOct 4, 2020


In this blog, I will tell you a step-by-step process to help optimize your YouTube Playlists(in 2020).

What is the importance of a YouTube Playlist?

This is a question that is frequently asked by many aspiring YouTubers.

Well, the answer is ‘Extremely Important’. Let me tell you why:

  1. Playlists structure and organize your content into different categories. Hence, whenever a new visitor enters your channel, they don’t need to rack their brains behind finding the right content.
  2. Playlists increase the viewer’s watch time.That’s because playlists automatically play all of the videos in that playlist. And watch time is the most important parameter in YouTube Algorithm for ranking videos.
  3. Playlists can optimize your channel’s videos. That’s understandable, as playlists can rank for keywords that your audience searches for on YouTube.

I am sure you are convinced on the significance of creating playlists for your channel.

Now you want to know the secret sauce behind creating a great playlist.

So let’s jump straight in:

#Tip 1

Write Engaging Titles And Descriptions

If you have engaging titles and descriptions, your playlists tend to perform better.

However, most YouTubers use generic playlist titles like ‘Fitness Workout’.

Instead, you should create striking and noticeable playlist titles that focus on the outcome a new visitor will get from your playlist like ‘How To Get A 6 Pack’.

Then write a description that adds value to your title and explains why your playlist is worth watching.

#Tip 2

Sprinkle Keywords In Your Playlist

You wouldn’t want to miss out on including keywords in your playlist title and description.

You will find it extremely helpful. Let me tell you why:

  • Playlists can themselves rank on YouTube search results. So if you can sprinkle the targeted keyword and related keywords that people are searching for, it can show up for those search queries resulting in more views.
  • Your video’s meta description(title,description,tags,thumbnails) gives a good idea to YouTube about your video. But when you add this video to a Playlist having an optimized title and description; and is put with a bunch of related videos, it will have more visibility on YouTube.
  • YouTube ‘prefers to show topically related videos’ in the Suggested videos column. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that playlists are going to show up as suggested videos.(even if a viewer views any of your videos outside of that playlist)

#Tip 3

Keep 5 To 7 Videos In Each Playlist

You don’t want to bury your audience’s interest with a massive playlist containing over 50 videos.

If someone views such a playlist, they will immediately drop off.

Instead put 5–7 quality videos per playlist. That gives your viewers enough content to achieve the outcome that you explained in your playlist title.

And the best part, your viewers won’t be disinterested with content overdose!!

#Tip 4

Start Your Playlist With Best Performing Videos

Strategically Re-Organizing your videos can go a long way in optimizing your playlist.

Let me tell you how:

Go to YouTube analytics and see which are the best performing videos in your YouTube channel.

Choose videos that have the best watch time or have done a great job in converting viewers into subscribers.

Obviously, you would want such videos to have a greater reach and a wider audience.

The simplest way to do so:

Start one of your playlists with a high performing video

#Tip 5

Create A Playlist For New Channel Visitors

Some YouTubers have a dedicated playlist for new visitors at the top of their channel page.

The thought behind this playlist is to give the new visitors a list of the best and most popular video content.

And since it is kept right at the top of your channel page, new visitors won’t be able to miss it.

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